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Trinnov Altitude 16 - AV-Prozessor 3D-Sound

Trinnov Altitude 16 - AV-Prozessor 3D-Sound
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Trinnov Altitude 16 - Immersive Audio Decoders - Dolby Atmos™ (16 discretely-rendered... mehr
Produktinformationen "Trinnov Altitude 16 - AV-Prozessor 3D-Sound"

Trinnov Altitude 16 - Immersive Audio Decoders

- Dolby Atmos™ (16 discretely-rendered channels).
- Auro-3D™ (supports Auro’s full 13.1 layout).
- DTS:X™ (all confi gurations of its 11.1 format).

The gateway to genuine, immersive cinema at home

Trinnov Audio is the acknowledged leader in 3D audio innovation. The Altitude16 simply can do many wonderful things that no other processor can do because we are not depending on the capabilities of a mass-market DSP chip.We control the signal path from beginning to end. Thanks to its disruptive approach to AV Processor design, the Altitude32 was released with an incredible technological edge over the competition, which even today has not been rivaled. Moreover, the Altitude32 kept increasing its lead with ongoing innovation and multiple software updates that added features like Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, and DTS:X™ While other companies were waiting for someone else to design a chip that would enable them to add these advanced capabilities. The Altitude32’s software-based design, combined with Trinnov’s advanced understanding of 3D audio, has provided critical capabilities needed for a seamless immersive audio experience that no other manufacturer has yet been able to deliver to the market. We are now excited to announce that our ongoing efforts and investments to create and improve the Altitude32 are being consolidated and translated into another, more affordable product. At CEDIA 2017, Trinnov will be showcasing a new AV Processor, the Altitude16, which inherits all the groundbreaking core technologies that made the Altitude32 such a remarkable success.

Render up to 16 discrete channels of information 

The Altitude16 will have the ability to render up to 16 discrete channels of information and will come equipped with Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X immersive audio decoders. Significantly, it also retains the unique Trinnov Speaker/Room Optimizer that goes so far beyond the more common “auto-EQ” technologies available from third parties. The patented and proprietary Trinnov Remapping technology also will be included, which alone can reconcile the widely-differing speaker placement recommendations of the three 3D Audio formats. As with other Trinnov products, the Altitude16 will be easily software-updateable and will even come with a calibration wizard to simplify initial setup and calibration. The Altitude16 is also ready for the future of audio over IP, whether via its Roon Ready™ input, or its UPnP/DLNA input, or future standards. The Altitude16 supports up to 16 outputs, it will natively process high-resolution 24/96 audio, it has no limitation in terms of subwoofer outputs, and it supports up to four-way active crossovers. The Altitude16 is made in America.

About Trinnov Audio

TRINNOV Audio develops innovative solutions for a wide range of media, entertainment, and research audio applications. The company is renowned for its state-of-the-art loudspeaker/room Optimizer, including the exclusive remapping technology and research work in the area of 3D Audio. The French manufacturer has always been committed to producing high-performance and reliable products for its demanding customers across the professional, high-end and commercial audio markets. Prestigious customers include Technicolor, Fox, BBC, Globo, NHK, Toho and UGC

Wir haben u.a. den Trinnov Altitude 16 in unsere Ausstellung und bieten Ihnen die professionelle Installation und Konfiguration durch unsere Toningenieure an.

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